Cornerstone Centre for Intercultural Studies is...

… a Bible College for Mission Training, offering students practical and academic training in a mission oriented setting. Most Cornerstone staff members have in depth mission experience.

At Cornerstone Bible College we train people to communicate the gospel cross culturally. Besides the general biblical and theology studies, our emphasis is on missiological subjects, intercultural communication and preparation to live and work in another culture. Living in the international and intercultural community of the college is part of the training.

Cornerstone is an interdenominational evangelical Bible college. We stand firm on the basic evangelical beliefs. We are open for discussion and difference of opinion on secondary matters, but seek to avoid controversies and extremes.

The school was founded and is owned by WEC-International (website) but we train candidates for many mission organisations, aid agencies and church missions.

Our Goal

The aim of Cornerstone is expressed in our mission statement:

“Practical Bible-based mission training across cultures”

Our tools are a programme of biblical, theological, missiological studies and practical ministry involvement in an international community.

Our aim is to develop students spiritually, mentally and morally, and to equip them with information and skills necessary for the expansion and development of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Welcome to Cornerstone! Come and join our international and family friendly community.

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